Rhode Island: Urgent Action Required – Senate Judiciary Committee to Hear Gun Control Bills

Gun Rights

Tomorrow, April 18, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hear more than a dozen gun bills.  This Senate hearing scheduled for Tuesday was posted just after the close of business on Friday to immediately follow the House Judiciary Committee hearings Monday.  A clear indication that they are determined to pass more gun control legislation.  While there are a handful of pro-gun bills, none of that legislation is expected to move.  This dangerous list of gun control bills includes a semi-auto ban, one-gun-a-month, mandatory storage, and an effort to put gun shops in Rhode Island out of business.  Contact your senator today and express your opposition to ALL gun control legislation. Let them know that you expect them to protect your Second Amendment rights.

You can view the agenda for Tuesday’s lengthy hearing here. In their minds, there is always another gun bill to pass, until they have completely banned firearms.  This hasn’t been about public policy for a long time.  They just passed a magazine ban last summer and cannot be bothered to wait around to see if it will work like they say it will.  That is because we all know what the results are: more infringements for law-abiding citizens, and the beat goes on for criminals. And yet, they are back to do more of the same.

Rhode Island already has some of the harshest gun control laws in the country.  We certainly do not need any more.  Please contact your senator NOW and respectively request that they oppose any new gun control legislation! 

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