POWERFUL: Reinstated TN reps carry infant-sized coffins in gun control crusade

Gun Rights

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Democratic Tennessee Reps. Justin Jones and Justin Pearson were reinstated to the GOP-dominated General Assembly last week after being removed for leading a gun control protest from the state House floor.

But that experience hasn’t changed their activism, as protests continued Monday in the wake of the tragic Nashville Christian charter school shooting late last month.

Bishop William Barber II walked with Jones and Pearson, each holding a child-sized coffin as a stark visual reminder of the youngest victims of gun violence.

While they were barred from bringing the caskets into the chamber itself, the images spoke volumes.

The statistics don’t lie: there have been more mass shootings in 2023 in the United States than actual days.

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Gun violence is now the leading cause of death of American children.

Guns kill more kids than any disease. More than car accidents.

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Guns have killed kids in all of the places they used to feel the safest.

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Guns have killed kids in church schools, including the pastor’s daughter in Nashville, so what good are your prayers, Ted Cruz?

You can thank a Republican for those stats and worse.

The Guns Over People party decided they were fine with kindergarteners in Newtown, Connecticut being slaughtered in their classrooms in 2012.

All of the GOP greed plus those empty thoughts and prayers over the last decade have led this country to the unspeakably horrifying 2023 statistics.

And that’s why the Tennessee Democrats led another protest on Monday while facing down the very same body that failed in its attempts to silence them.

Democrats are calling for a ban on assault weapons, tougher background checks, and a “red flag” law.

“The legislators are back, but returning duly elected lawmakers to their seat does not solve the problem,” said Bishop Barber, who demanded that GOP lawmakers “stop committing policy murder.”

Republican Gov. Bill “Drag For Me But Not For Thee” Lee is now urging his party to pass legislation that would “keep firearms away from people who could harm themselves or others.”

But they’ve so far refused, like the typical greedy gun groomers they’ve shown themselves to be.

The GOP is a death cult underwritten by Russian-funneled NRA Blood Money, and I don’t need anyone to change my mind about this.


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Tara Dublin

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