Nebraska Adjourned Sine Die from the 2023 Legislative Session

Gun Rights

Yesterday, Nebraska adjourned sine die from the 2023 legislative session. This session was a historic one with significant victories for the people of Nebraska. Nebraska embraced the principles of constitutional carry and statewide preemption when Legislative Bill 77 passed and became law. It will go into effect later this year. This momentous achievement ensures that law-abiding citizens can exercise their Second Amendment right to carry firearms for self-defense without unnecessary government interference and can also exercise their rights freely across the state without having to navigate a patchwork of local gun control ordinances.

NRA thanks Senator Tom Brewer, who championed this critical legislation, and all the lawmakers who co-sponsored, supported, and fought for its passage. Their commitment to preserving our constitutional freedoms deserves our utmost admiration and gratitude. NRA also thanks the members and Second Amendment supporters in Nebraska for their unwavering support, tireless advocacy, and strong commitment to upholding our constitutional rights.

While we celebrate this significant achievement, we must remain vigilant and proactive. Our work is not yet complete, as there will always be challenges and threats to our Second Amendment rights. As a united front, we must continue to advocate for the preservation of our liberties, educate others about the importance of responsible gun ownership, and support legislators who stand firmly in defense of the Constitution.

We encourage you to stay engaged, support pro-Second Amendment candidates, and be prepared to defend our rights whenever necessary. Together, we can continue making strides in protecting our cherished heritage and ensuring that future generations enjoy the freedoms bestowed upon us by our Founding Fathers.

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Thank you again for your unwavering dedication and support. It is through your efforts that we achieve these victories. Let us celebrate this moment and prepare for the challenges and triumphs that lie ahead.

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