California: Senate Committee Hearing Gun Tax Bill

Gun Rights

This week, two policy committees in the senate will hear anti-gun bills, including the gun tax bill being scheduled for Wednesday. Please click the button below to contact committee members and ask them to OPPOSE Assembly Bills 28 and 725.

Senate Governance and Finance Committee on June 21st starting at 9:00AM

Assembly Bill 28 places an excise tax of 11% on the sales price of all firearms, firearm precursor parts, and ammunition. These taxes are to be collected from California retailers and placed in a newly created “gun violence” fund for appropriation by the state legislature. It is unjust to saddle law-abiding gun owners with special taxes. Such a measure makes it more expensive for law-abiding citizens to exercise a constitutional right, and discourages them from practicing to be safe and proficient with their firearms for purposes such as self-defense, competition, and hunting.

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Senate Public Safety Committee on June 20th starting at 8:30AM

Assembly Bill 725 expands California’s one-size-fits-all reporting mandate for lost or stolen firearms to also include precursor parts. Californians may face criminal penalties if they fail to report the loss or theft of what were previously unregulated pieces of plastic and metal.

Again, please contact committee members and ask them to OPPOSE Assembly Bills 28 and 725.

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