Court Temporarily OKs ‘Sensitive’ Places But Not Insurance Rule of New Jersey Gun Law

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A federal appeals court has temporarily agreed to keep part of New Jersey’s handgun carry law in effect as court proceedings play out.

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday granted the state attorney general’s request to keep part of the law that bars people from carrying handguns in “sensitive places” in effect. It also denied Attorney General Matt Platkin’s request in part, leaving in place a lower court’s order that put an insurance mandate on hold.

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The decision means handguns cannot be carried in places such as zoos, public parks, public libraries and museums, bars, and health care facilities. The law bars handguns from being carried in those places as well as schools and child care facilities. The lower court’s May injunction did not specify those locations, and the appeals court also didn’t remove the prohibition in those places.

The appeals court, though, rebuffed the state’s effort to undo the lower court’s injunction against an insurance mandate for firearms carriers that was scheduled to take effect in July.

The 2022 law stemmed directly from the U.S. Supreme Court’s June decision that struck down a New York state law requiring people to show proper cause to get a carry license. The ruling affected states with similar laws, including New Jersey, where carry applicants had to show justifiable need to get a permit.

In a statement, Platkin said the decision was gratifying and called it a win. Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy said he was thrilled.

“This decision will make New Jersey a safer state for all of us,” Murphy said in a statement.

In a statement to its members, the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs, an affiliate of the National Rifle Association, said that its members should “take care” to stay informed, since developments affecting the law continue to unfold.

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