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Kimber is now shipping the K6xs, described as the only .38 Special revolver in its class with a 6-shot capacity.

The .357 Magnum Kimber K6s revolver quickly became a popular concealed carry option after its introduction in 2016. Since then, the company has released several variants featuring different barrel lengths, grips and other options, but they’ve all been 6-shot .357 Magnums. They’ve also all been quite expensive. For those who wanted a Kimber revolver but didn’t need the power, heft or price tag of a .357, the new .38 Special Kimber K6xs is now shipping.

The K6xs is still a 6-shot revolver with a 2-inch barrel, just like the original K6s, but it’s now chambered for .38 Special +P and features a lightweight aluminum alloy frame instead of stainless steel. The result is an impressively light little revolver, weighing only 15.9 ounces empty (that’s just over 7 ounces lighter than the K6s). The K6xs also features an orange dot front sight and larger rubber grips. The rear sight is integral, and the edges of the gun are melted to minimize snagging when drawn.

Ron Dudzic, Senior Director of Kimber product development, said this about the K6xs:

The new K6xs is born from the highly successful K6s .357 Magnum revolver. It was designed to be a superior .38 Special +P concealed carry option with its smooth double action trigger pull and slim six-round profile. This is certain to be a winner among the less feature-rich, common five-round revolvers in this class.

Of course, another advantage of the less powerful chambering is the price of the gun. The Kimber K6xs has an MSRP of only $679. Still pricey, but much more affordable than the K6s’ price tag of $985.

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